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About Us
Established in 2010, Huaihua Fragrant Spices Co., Ltd is a High-Tech Enterprise,which is professional in Flavor and Fragrance with R&D ,manufacture and sales. The company is located in No. 16 Tiexi zone, Hongjiang district, Huaihua city ,Hunan province, and covers an area of 10000 square meters. The mainly products are Rose oxide, Rose oxide high Cis, Rose oxide Levo,Perilla aldehyde,Myrtenol,4-Terpinenol and series of synthetic aromas. The company imports the most advanced international photosensitized oxidation technology, adopts the intelligent system of production-Tech, implements information production management, builds the professional workshop for Rose oxide with 30 tons as the annual output, Rose oxide high Cis 15 tons, Rose oxide Levo 10 tons ,Perilla aldehyde 10 tons, Myrtenol 5 tons,4-Terpinenol 5 tons. At present, our company is the biggest manufacture of Rose oxide, Mytenol and series of synthetic aromas. Our company establishes a long termpartnership with the domestic Scientific Research Institutes. International advanced equipments are installed for R&D, analysis, testing, and application. Aiming the developing situation of international technology and holding the latest fashion, we use the advanced new technology, craft and materials in production to keep products high quality, and raise the competitiveness of core technology. Our company all along adhere to speaking with science & data, occupying the market with high-quality as the enterprise soul. With the market as the guidance, we survive on highquality,develop on innovation, cast brand with quality,and keep fighting for ever to an excellent Chinese national brand in aromatic industrial , and promote the prosperity & development of Chinese aromatic industry.
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